Woodstock, Vermont, USA

GX2…a great pick
“I’m impressed with our choice of Wi-Fi partner. GX2 was a great pick.”
My GM dropped this note with an article on GX2 Technology on my CFO’s desk, explained George Halatsis, IT Manager at Woodstock Inn. Nice recognition after a few months on the job.

Nestled in Vermont’s Green Mountains, the Woodstock Inn & Resort is a charming historic resort with luxurious spa and skiing at the renowned Suicide Six Ski Resort and golfing at the Woodstock Country Club.

“Our wireless guest network was OK but it offered zero info on guest usage. We couldn’t capture any data or monitor our guest Wi-Fi experience,” said George Halatsis, IT Manager.

Halatsis explained, “Our Wi-Fi equipment was so old, if our controller failed, our only option was to go to eBay to get a new one. I knew I needed to replace it if I was going to keep my job; but I didn’t have the budget.”

GX2 Solution:
Halatsis planned to install a new Ruckus HSIA network over the next few years due to a tight budget, until he met GX2Technology at a Springer Miller PMS conference.

GX2 did a site survey and determined that simply replacing the old APs with new Ruckus gear and adding a few additional AP’s to address dead-spots would significantly improve the Wi-Fi quality.

GX2’s cloud portal would provide controls for bandwidth allocation and guest usage as well as real-time reports they needed. It would also capture guest emails for marketing. GX2’s three call centers around the world provide guest support and network monitoring 24x7.

“Avoiding the need to re-cable minimized our costs and helped to justify the project,” explains Halatsis.

“I can now manage my guest experience and provide guest emails and data back to my marketing team. GX2 allows us to deliver the high level of customer support our guests expect.”

“Overall it has been a great experience. GX2 certainly met my expectations as a great partner.”

George Halatsis, IT Manager.

Technical Specifications

GX2 Gateway
Ruckus Wireless APs

Ruckus Wireless Cloud Controller

FortiGate Firewall
GX2 24/7 Guest Support