What this forum does is collect heads of Collegiate residences within Australia, bring them together to discuss the needs of international and domestic students. 

This year’s theme was Respect and Renewal with the key objective of promoting the benefits of collegiate residences in Australian Universities.  Key note speakers concentrated on broader education, social, cultural and moral behaviours.

To ensure the successful longevity of Collegiate residences, these forums are designed to ensure a unified voice on issues affecting the residences and students in their care.

Vincent Wilson, President of APSAA, spoke about the importance of cohesion moving forward between the collegiate and private residential groups.  This is their vision for the future of “student housing” in general.

Overall the conference focussed on a number of critical issues with key speeches around sexual harassment, gender equality, optimising social media, human rights and mental health intervention.  There were 55 national delegates in attendance. 

This is not a sales focussed sponsorship more an opportunity to recognise clients for their support and to commence dialogue around the new Superloop branding.