Central Sydney, NSW, Australia

Legacy cabling with no fibre, intermittent Wi-Fi coverage on 2.4 Ghz single band frequency Wi-Fi only.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about the property?

A. Travelodge Sydney is large property located in the bustling Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, just outside the Sydney CBD. It boasts 410 rooms spread across 25 levels.

Q. As a provider of Wi-Fi, what did you find challenging about this project?

A. We were tasked with providing dual band, 802.11ac Wi-Fi across all rooms (inc toilets!), dining and public spaces as well as back of house areas.

Q. So, what technologies did you deploy to address this?

A. After a detailed site survey, it was clear that we needed a fibre backbone to deliver a vastly improved level of service to Travelodge Guests.

This was not currently in place but the capacity to deploy this did not seem too challenging based on the hotel risers. This would then provide the foundation for a far more robust network both for the proposed Wi-Fi network but also for future applications.

Once delivered, we were then able to utilise Ruckus WLAN hardware over the existing horizontal cabling whilst also adding additional Cat6 to address black spot areas that were omnipresent within some of the corner rooms.

We then ensured that we mapped all coverage post survey to validate the new hardware deployed within the corridors delivered coverage to every square inch of the Hotel.

Q. Does the site offer free Wi-Fi?

A. As with most Toga properties, free Wi-Fi is delivered with the option to offer a faster, paid service also. The site benefits from a very fast internet connection that is deployed across the new Wi-Fi network to guest devices.


Q. How has the new Wi-Fi network improved the overall satisfaction of the guests?

A. Rob McKenna, Hotel Manager.

We are not exaggerating when we say that that the new solution has seen Wi-Fi related complaints fall by over 500%.

At the minimum, we know our guests expect a hotel can offer connectivity in line what they get at home, if not better.  With our GX2 solution, our guests can connect with ease – at any time of the day, in any part of the hotel.

That’s more time freed up for guests to enjoy their experience here with us, and hopefully tell all their social media connections about us!

Q. How important is trouble-free Wi-Fi for the Hotel now?

A. Rob McKenna

We want our team engaging with guests, but it’s in no one’s favour when those engagements are about patchy Wi-Fi.

Reducing any negative guest sentiment is a key focus for us and a greater overall guest experience is key to our brand remaining as one of the leading value hotel chains in the region.

Technical Specifications

500Mbps Fibre ISP connection with Ruckus 802.11ac WLAN
throughout supported by
Ruckus ICX 7150 Series LAN.
GX2 Stratos Gateway + Gx2 24/7 Guest Support