Location: Chippendale, Sydney, Australia

Issues: To find a local partner that could deliver a number of different IP Services under one converged network within an iconic, heritage listed building.


Q. What’s the origins of The Old Clare Hotel?

A. It’s a large site stretching across two iconic heritage-listed buildings: The Clare Hotel Pub and the old Carlton & United Breweries administration building. The 62 room boutique hotel has been constructed with obsessive attention to aesthetics and concern for retaining the interesting features of both buildings.

Q. What was The Old Clare Hotel guest network brief?

A. Initially, GX2 were asked to deliver fast, free Wi-Fi to the hotel over a fibre internet connection. As the customer requirements and scope of the project were realised, it became apparent that the property would further benefit from a converged network environment whereby additional IP services were deployed over the same network infrastructure and then centrally managed by GX2.

Q. What were these services and how were they deployed?

A. The hotel had a requirement for IPTV, VOIP phones and a sip strategy via GX2 sourced hotel fibre service. GX2 were able to provide IP to each TV and phone handset via the in-room wireless wallplate. This negated the need for more than one cable run into each room, saving time and costs. We then recommended third party VOIP and IPTV operators to work with GX2 to utilise the ISP and IP network to deliver their solutions.

Q. How do you manage the network effectively?

A. GX2 has the network monitoring capability to ensure that we take a pro-active stance to support. This approach means that we see issues before the hotel and can remotely troubleshoot from anywhere in the world. Should issues persist, we have the global support capacity to receive first call from the hotel staff and their guests, whether the issue relates to internet connection, Wi-Fi, IPTV or VOIP phones. Issues can then be escalated to relevant parties should initial troubleshooting not be successful. This is true converged network management.

Q. Did you encounter any issues with the delivery of this network?

A.The internet connection build proved problematic in that the civil works required to run a new service into a heritage listed building took a long time. Once this was deployed, the installation went without issue.

Q. What was the final result?

A. We were able to have all services running in time for the hotel opening and are able to provide that single point of contact for all guest IP services that continues to provide efficiency and cost savings to The Old Clare Hotel.

Technical Specifications

100mbps Fibre ISP connection Ruckus Zonedirector 3000 Wireless Controller Aruba core and edge switches Ruckus H500 and R500 GX2 24/7 Guest Support

Guest Comments

Five Stars …rooms are spacious, great desk for working, excellent wi fi. Bathrooms luxuriously large, with lovely amenities. Bar/ restaurant on ground level is great… Five Stars …as mentioned by others, great wi-fi and desk and items to work and think. The rooftop pool was gorgeous, and a nice place to look out on the city… Four Stars …two very nice bathrobes were provided and the room had a safe and free Wi-Fi. I would definitely return…