Welcome to Stratos V3

Our newest version of our Network Management Portal.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the enhanced and new tools to help manage, monitor and support your guest Wi-Fi network and most importantly enhance the user experience.

The Stratos ‘All Sites Dashboard’ displays a snapshot view of your network or networks in real-time, including bandwidth utilisation, current devices connected and even the types of devices that are connected.

Your Captive portal editor allows you to create templates that can be easily referenced and promoted throughout your venue. For those wanting consistency in look and feel this becomes your key marketing tool.

Different captive portals can be created and scheduled for different groups and for different times. The schedule for portals can also be edited in house.

This allows for the upload of all predictive and/or active heat maps that have been carried out for the property during and after installation to illustrate coverage.

It’s easy to generate a purchase detail list to quickly see the revenue collected for paid plans for a specific time period.

Shows all current plans that have been set up via the ‘Configuration’ tab and appear live at any particular site.

Allows for the easy creation of user rate plans in real time.

Feature information such as bandwidth, hours online and zone to name a few for your top users.

If you want to segregate the user experience by zone the site installation team can create the necessary profiles for you to manage any areas within the property.  For example, Lobby, Cafe or Accommodation Rooms.

This section allows for the configuration of your landing pages for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

Suited to your IT team, this screen simply displays the technical specifications and configuration at the installed site. It documents the Network, Radius and WLAN Config.