Northern Quest Resort and Casino, Spokane, Washington, USA

Issues & Solutions
Partnership is a big deal to Northern Quest Resort and Casino. That is what attracted them to GX2 Technology.

The Northern Quest IT team is very skilled and knowledgeable. They could easily scope out and buy great Wi-Fi equipment on their own. They could even provide in-house support for their hotel guests. But casinos are different than a typical hotel.

Northern Quest is Spokane, Washington’s largest 27/7 Vegas-style Casino with a dozen restaurants and lounges, world-class day spa and luxury hotel.

When running a casino, you want to keep all your guests happy, especially when they might be losing. You work to eliminate any cause for complaint. Wi-Fi complaints on the casino floor had been rising at Northern Quest.

They needed to address the issues and were looking for a partner that would work with them to help solve their problems. When attending a GX2 sponsored lunch, the Northern Quest IT team heard an IT Director discuss his experience and partnership with the GX2 team. So, they wanted to learn more.

Dan Parks, Northern Quest IT Director commented, “Collaboration was key for us. We wanted to have visibility and access to the system so we could address issues right away. GX2 was willing to work with us on this.” Many providers have strict controls and lock down their systems.

GX2 provides a cloud-based monitoring tool that shows real time status on equipment, online guest details and data utilization.

Parks went on to say, “We used to monitor the system all the time. The network would go down and would be down for a while. Often, we would discover Wi-Fi issues when guests called with complaints.” GX2’s support team monitors the network and equipment 24/7 and works to resolve issues before involving the local IT team when possible. “Now we get notified right way by GX2 and problems are often resolved before they become an issue,” explained Parks.

“It was critical to Northern Quest to have a partner that would take a lot of the front-line monitoring and troubleshooting but still provide us access and control. I haven’t seen anything out there that offers this level of collaboration.

We don’t even have to think about it. It just works,” concluded Parks.

GX2 appreciates the opportunity to provide this level of partnership and support to great customers like Northern Quest.

Technical Specifications
Ruckus R510, R710 and T300 Access Points
GX2 Gateway and redundant Gateway
Fortigate Firewall and redundant Firewall