Ocean Pointe Condominiums, Key Largo, Florida, USA

We certainly didn’t anticipate all the issues we would encounter during the Wi-Fi Installation for Ocean Pointe Condominiums at Key Largo.  

We submitted our RFP response the same day Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys.  We weren’t sure if we should be happy once we won the bid.
Ocean Pointe had three specific goals for their new Wi-Fi solution:   Service Reliability, Low Maintenance with 24/7 monitoring, and an Affordable Installation.  

Their previous Wi-Fi network had poor coverage due to APs being installed outside in a checkerboard design. 
Their property management team was overloaded with 100% of the support for owners and guests.   They were getting poor Trip Advisor reviews and owners dissatisfaction, so they needed to make a change.

GX2 Solutions
After reviewing RFP responses from local providers and telco carriers, Ocean Pointe selected GX2.   

Don Stafford, one of the Ocean Pointe Project Leaders, said, “I was very impressed that GX2 took the time to come onsite, spend time looking at the property and understand what we had.  Then they developed the plan based on our needs.  And our property management team recommended GX2.”  

GX2 offered a Cambium AP and Point to Point solution to address coverage needs and budgetary requirements to connect the five condominium buildings, clubhouse and pool area. 

And then Irma hit the Florida Keys…

It is typical to allow for unforeseen events and circumstances, but not to the extreme that we faced with Irma.
Of the five buildings and 240 condos, there was hardly a one that avoided either direct wind damage or water intrusion.

The black mold started growing within two days, which required specific months-long remediation.  Termites were discovered, which required tent extermination.
Power was out, generators had to be brought in and shared, elevators were not functioning, and power to the equipment room was always an issue.
These were a few of the everyday challenges our installation team faced throughout the project.

We are happy to report that while things were not always perfect, GX2 and Ocean Pointe teams approached all issues as partners and focused on delivering great Wi-Fi to the homeowners and guests of Ocean Pointe.
Don Stafford commented, “The fact that it was a successful installation given all the issues, speaks to the tenacity and strength of the GX2 team.  I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the team was and how easy they were to work with.  They would follow through on promises and would take the time to get it right.” 
Don went on to say, “A surprise and huge plus was the level of satisfaction provided by the support team.  Our front desk no longer has to help guests log on and troubleshoot issues.  I’m very satisfied overall with what we’ve been able to do.”

While we don’t wish to go through that degree of challenge with any install, we appreciate that we can come out of it with a strong partnership with a great customer like Ocean Pointe.  

And, Ocean Pointe is now more beautiful than ever after the cleanup.

Technical Specifications
Cambium cnPilot Wave 2 Indoor and Outdoor Access Points
Cambium ePMP, Point to Multipoint
HP/Aruba ProCurve Switches
Fortigate Firewall
GX2 Gateway