This month sees the completion of a bespoke GX2 802.11ac wireless network at a mining village, located in Karratha, WA.

The project posed a huge amount of challenges in that we needed to deploy commercial grade wireless in an extreme environment without any traditional cabling in place.

Rather than explore options for disruptive and expensive civil works to lay new cabling in the ground, Civeo and GX2 began a trial of the new Ruckus C110 DOCSIS ready 802.11ac wireless access points, powered by a Teleste CMTS.

Based on a positive outcome at the end of the trial, we concluded that we were able to provide adequate throughput based on the end user strategy over the existing coaxial network of cables.

This was achieved with the help of our partner, Honey Badger, who used their expertise to upgrade the coaxial network, allowing for the deployment of the GX2 solution.

Civeo Karratha now has over 300 users connected to the new network and has saved a considerable amount of time and money.