Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

First Class Wi-Fi required for First Class lodging, the existing Wi-Fi is not coping with concrete construction and user demands.

GX2 Solutions

Q. What was the problem?

The ageing Wi-Fi at the venue was not delivering the performance that hotel and conference guests were increasingly demanding. The existing Wi-Fi provider didn’t seem to take the problem seriously, so GX2 was asked to proposes a solution. Although the guest experience was of prime importance to the venue, funds had not been allocated to a Wi-Fi upgrade.

Q. What was the driver for increasing focus on improving the Wi-Fi?

A. There was a large and important upcoming conference with Wi-Fi performance a key deliverable.

Q. How did GX2 respond?

A. GX2 started by quickly doing a site survey and live testing to produce heat maps that determine how many Access Points (AP’s) need to be installed in what locations.
This allowed GX2 to design a network that would not only provide adequate coverage but, particularly in conferencing areas, provide adequate throughput.
They also did an inventory of the existing equipment to determine what could be re-used so that money was spent wisely on the hardware that would provide the most improvement to guest satisfaction.

Q. How did the actual installation go?

A. With only a week to go before the conference, GX2 installed a new core network and then retrofitted many of the existing AP’s in order to meet tight budgets. They got the conference areas running first where the Wi-Fi improved immediately. They then started rolling out the guest areas wing by wing.


GX2 was willing to go beyond our expectations to deliver the results Eleganté needed. I stuck my neck out to work with GX2 instead of our standard corporate provider. I had enough confidence in GX2 to put my career on the line. The entire GX2 team had the commitment to stay until the job was done right. Working with GX2 was 100% pleasure.

Steve Elliott, IT Director

Technical Specifications

Ruckus Wireless 7372 and R300 AP’s
HP Core and POE edge switches
Fortigate Security Appliance
GX2 Gateway
GX2 24/ 7 Guest Support