Macquarie Park, Sydney, Australia

Located in a hi-tech precinct, guests expect wildly fast and free Wi-Fi; rapid deployment and multiple IP vendors requiring access to the network.


Q. How did GX2 become involved with this particular site and what was the brief?

A. We were asked to get involved in the rollout of the Wi-Fi system rather late in the building cycle due to some issues with the incumbent supplier. The brief was to get the system installed in a very short time frame although the first hurdle was getting an ISP service in place in time.

Q. Did you see any major challenges?

A. We discovered that, although the client wished to offer free Internet access with unlimited download, we still needed to develop an interface to the PMS in order to limit the number of devices per room and to assist in troubleshooting the inevitable guest Wi-Fi problems. Knowing what room number a guest is in allows us to get to the root of a problem quicker. And, should the hotel wish to charge for Wi-Fi, one of the options is to bill it to the room. We needed to develop a PMS interface for this.

Q. How did you approach the design of the system?

A. A number of system architectures had been considered including GPON, however we were of the opinion that a Cloud-managed, Ruckus wall plate Access Point (AP) should be installed in each room with a PoE feed from HP Ethernet switches on each floor. The AP would then provide connectivity for the IPTV system and a PoE out for a VoIP phone. In conjunction with APs in common areas, meeting rooms and the car park, our predictive Radio Frequency (RF) planning indicated that the property would be well serviced by Wi-Fi.

Q. Did you encounter any surprises during the build?

A. Apart from the odd vendor of equipment such as the car park boom gate requiring access to the IP network, we found the commissioning of the project to be reasonably straight forward. The lead time for the 100Mbps fibre did turn out to be longer than anticipated, however we were able to temporarily re-purpose another Ethernet over (bonded) Copper (EOC) service until the big pipe was delivered

Q. Were you satisfied with the result?

A. Yes. We performed a post-installation, Wi-Fi coverage and throughput test of the entire property and found that our predictive assessment had been quite accurate. As we will guarantee that our designs are 100% accurate, this was most reassuring.


From the outset, GX2 provided great comfort to Pro-Invest that their system would be installed at the Holiday Inn Express on-time, on-budget and capable of providing fast, high-throughput Internet access for the guests. The outcome was all this and more. GX2’s ability to handle the unexpected during the construction phase and their levels of guest support since we’ve opened have exceeded our expectations…

Chris Curran, Director of Hotel Openings

Technical Specifications

100Mbps Fibre connection from the ISP
Ruckus vSCG Cloud Controller hosted by GX2 in AWS Sydney & US
HP Core and Edge switches
Approx 200 Ruckus H500 and R500 Access Points
GX2 HSIA Gateway Appliance
GX2 Uninterruptible Power Supply
GX2 Uninterruptible Power Supply
GX2 24/7 Guest Support