Herring Road Apartments is at Macquarie University’s main campus at North Ryde in Northern Sydney.

The student apartments are an old but well maintained brick villa complex surrounded by tall trees and bush. No cabling was available between the villa buildings, and no internet infrastructure was available to deliver internet to the 111 tertiary student residents.  Students were residing on campus, but with no in-home internet service!  

Superloop WiFi was asked by Macquarie University to deliver a residential high speed WiFi internet service for the residents. The solution was very complex and unusual.

Superloop actually built a new fixed wireless base station on a nearby University building roof, which has a line of site to a roof at Herring Road Apartments. That base station required new fibre internet backhaul. We delivered the internet “tail” into the site using a licensed microwave fixed wireless link, through a gap in the trees.

That internet was then delivered to each villa roof top using a point to multi-point wireless link solution. Now that the internet was delivered to each roof, we distributed the internet inside the villas using 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi and our captive portal solution.

Students are now able to connect their WiFi capable devices, open any browser, and be met with a branded splash page to log in with credentials controlled by the University.

Once logged in, the resident students are able to surf the web without restrictions! This entire solution was designed and delivered in house by Superloop, including the internet tails. 

The students enjoy 24x7 customer support, and the staff can rest easy knowing that Superloop are taking care of the internet needs of their resident students.

Staff were trained to administer the accounts by Superloop, and have access to a comprehensive on line portal with a dashboard and essential statistics.

Superloop WiFi manage, monitor, maintain, support and service the entire solution in house.