The U.S. is becoming the world’s epicenter of beer innovation. American brewers excel at reinventing traditional styles and creating new brews. So, Guinness decided it was time to open a new stateside brewery.

The site in Baltimore takes everything learned in Ireland and ups the ante with an experimental brewery, taproom, restaurant — and a barrel house, enabling Guinness to experiment using centuries-old expertise in ageing beer in wood.

It’s a big investment – $80 million – and is the first Guinness brewery in the US since 1954, featuring a 270-seat restaurant and a tap room in a former distillery, according to the company.

GX2 was excited to be chosen to install a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network for this significant location.

“The USA is probably the most dynamic and exciting beer market in the world right now, and, put simply, we’d like to be closer to the action,” said Guinness on its web site. “Having a brewery in the USA will help us understand and respond to trends more quickly, as well as brew smaller batches and get them to market faster.”

Guinness, established in Dublin in 1759, is an Irish brewer known for its dark-hued stout. In addition to its famous stout, the new Guinness brewery is offering India Pale Ale as well as wheat beers, lagers and more experimental brews including Guava Wit and Cherry Stout.

GX2 looks forward to supporting Guinness Brewery and their guests at the new brewery in Baltimore with excellent Wi-Fi as they enjoy a cold one.