Death Valley, California, USA

The previous equipment in Death Valley melted four months after being installed.

After being told it couldn’t be done by most of the leading Wi-Fi management providers, Xanterra called GX2 Technology.

Xanterra challenged GX2 to provide a solution for their site with the most complaints and biggest challenges, Furnace Creek at Death Valley.

GX2 Solutions

Q.GX2’s team understood the challenge.

A. They quickly started researching and testing AP equipment certified to withstand the high and low temperature requirements.

Their engineers deployed bandwidth management tools to shape the traffic and deliver more throughput during high volume, peak usage times.
The implementation team worked on specific issues in dead spots to gain continual improvements for complete coverage.

GX2 redesigned the infrastructure to deliver a solution that maximized the resources available to solve Xanterra’s complaints.


GX2 is now Xanterra’s sole provider for guest and employee Wi-Fi access at all of Xanterra’s National Parks and State Parks including
South Rim at Grand Canyon,
Crater Lake,
Furnace Creek at Death Valley,
Mount Rushmore,
Rocky Mountain and
Zion National Parks,
and many Ohio State Parks.


GX2 was willing to go beyond our expectations to deliver the results Xanterra needed. Employee Wi-Fi complaints were dramatically reduced. Turnover with seasonal staff significantly decreased as well. We were able to retain our quality staff, virtually eliminate complaints and as a result reduce costs.


Technical Specifications

GX2 GOS Gateway Appliance
Ruckus Wireless APs
Ruckus Wireless Controller
HP Core and Edge Switching
GX2 24/7 Guest Support

Guest Comments

“Loved the ranch! It’s ALL good!”

… of the golf course and mountains were wonderful, especially watching a few people golfing (this was in july) The mini-fridge, A/C and Wi-Fi worked well. We enjoyed the spacious pool, little museum and strolling through the well stocked store after dark …

“Great location!”

…the room was clean, comfy and the pizza from one of the bars was really nice. Wi-fi was fast too!…

“Clean and comfortable in a great Death Valley location!”

…the room was spotlessly clean, the shower had great pressure, and the wi-fi was good. I was very comfortable and would happily stay here again…