Case Studies

“We don’t have to think about it.
It just works”.

Then Hurricane Irma hits the Florida Keys!

The hotel had zero info on the guest usage.

World top 10 dive resort with no phones and great Wi-Fi.

iPhone connectivity issues solved across Paris & Brussels.

Services designed, delivered & supported by the GX2 Team.

GX2 provides excellent Wi-Fi service to guests.

Delivering in a supposedly impossible Wi-Fi environment.

How GX2 improved guest Wi-Fi satisfaction from <50% to >95%.

Guests in hi-tech precinct expect world-class Wi-Fi performance.

Wi-Fi related complaints have fallen by over 500%!

Multiple IP-based systems creates an Internet Of More Things.

Heat, red dust, sand, rain and
Category 3 cabling.

They knew the network was in need of a major overhaul.

A need to cope with high volume, high speed and sandstone walls.

Insatiable demand, and the Internet of washing machines.

Co-ordinating the timing was key to the sucess of this project.

Upgrading a 5 star hotel eliminates guest Wi-Fi issues.