Case Studies

Wi-Fi related complaints have fallen by over 500%!

They knew the network was in need of a major overhaul.

How GX2 improved guest Wi-Fi satisfaction from <50% to >95%.

Heat, red dust, sand, rain and
Category 3 cabling.

GX2 provides excellent Wi-Fi service to guests.

A need to cope with high volume, high speed and sandstone walls.

Co-ordinating the timing was key to the sucess of this project.

Delivering in a supposedly impossible Wi-Fi environment.

The hotel had zero info on the guest usage.

Services designed, delivered & supported by the GX2 Team.

iPhone connectivity issues solved across Paris & Brussels.

Multiple IP-based systems creates an Internet Of More Things.

Guests in hi-tech precinct expect world-class Wi-Fi performance.

World top 10 dive resort with no phones and great Wi-Fi.

Overcoming concrete walls and very heavy user demand.

Insatiable demand, and the Internet of washing machines.

Upgrading a 5 star hotel eliminates guest Wi-Fi issues.