Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Breckenridge Grand Vacations, a premier luxury condo developer in Colorado, started plans to build a new luxury resort at the base of Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort.

In the past, the IT team has selected Wi-Fi providers that were cutting edge and promised the “Best Thing Ever,” which turned out to not be the best choice.

Bleeding edge was not a good place to be. Their last Wi-Fi provider was bought soon after the installation and they never received the level of support they expected from the new provider.

“We want a stable partner that will provide consistent support. We also want one that is committed to developing new support tools instead of looking to be acquired,” explained Scott Britz, IT Operations Manager at Breckenridge Grand Vacations.

Customer Service was a top priority. They wanted a Wi-Fi partner with a commitment to delivering the same level of excellent customer service as the Grand Colorado.

The IT team expected their Wi-Fi provider to be a true partner. They wanted the ability to control aspects of the network without jumping through hoops or sending off requests that took weeks to be completed.
They also needed the ability to set up bandwidth controls for guests, provide access for gaming devices and visibility and control into the network.

They also wanted a solution with proven technology, specifically Ruckus APs and HP Switches.
Britz says “We liked the fact that GX2 partners with Ruckus’ development team.”

Reasons Breckenridge Grand Vacations Chose GX2
• Bottom line, GX2 provided better insight into the network, open lines of comunication and tools to help support guests.
• GX2 provided a consistent level of customer support that matched Grand Colorado’s commitment to provide
excellent customer service.
• GX2 delivered stability and reassurance that they are going to be around.
• “GX2 has lived up to what was discussed in the sales process. They reach out to keep the lines of communication
going,” stated Britz.
“It is cool that they continue to follow up routinely after installation to make sure we are happy.”

“Compared to all our properties, our GX2 managed property is by far the quietest site with the best guest reviews. That says a lot about GX2 and their design, installation and support.”

Scott Britz, IT Operations Manager

Technical Specifications

GX2 Gateway

Ruckus Wireless APs

Ruckus Wireless Cloud Controller
HP Switches

Elfiq Load Balancer

GX2 24/7 Guest Support