GX2 – a Superloop company – designs, installs and supports Wi-Fi network solutions for
Hotels, Resorts, Student Hospitality, Youth Hostels, Serviced Apartments, National Parks, Warehouses, Schools, Golf Courses…

…wherever there’s a need for high performance Wi-Fi networks.

We then provide 24/7 guest support from our call centres around the world.

20 years of connecting customers to the Internet
8 Offices in 5 Countries
Over 50 staff and growing
Over 8 Million people per year connect to the Internet via GX2
Software development Centre in Denver, Colorado

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We started in 1997 when we were known as Global Gossip. We operated Internet cafes around the globe where travellers would use our PC’s to access their Hotmail or Gmail accounts and top up their Global Gossip voice calling cards.

When laptops and smartphones started to become more prevalent, we started to install Ruckus Wireless equipment in backpacker hostels and increasingly higher-end hotels.
Almost 20 years later, we’ve grown quite a lot.

We now have several offices around the world including our Software Development Centre located in Denver USA.  We’ve got the battle scars from learning what works, what doesn’t work and what guests actually want from Wi-Fi in the most demanding of wireless environments. We understand the discussion about the provision of “Free” Wi-Fi and have different strategies for different regions and markets to help our clients to “monetize” their investment in “Free” Wi-Fi.  As an indication of our standing in the Wi-Fi market, Ruckus Wireless has awarded us their prestigious Partner of the Year for ANZ in 2016.

In 2015, we decided to change our name as the old one didn’t quite resonate in the global, upper-end hotel market that we now find ourselves in. Our focus on providing the highest levels of guest support 24 hours a day hasn’t changed though.

Today we provide the same level of customer service from our call centres in Sydney, Denver and London to guests and hotel staff that would be commensurate with what would be expected form a 5 star hotel.
We’re happy to put you in touch with any of our customers if you’d like their opinion.


    Our services include:
  • Design and implementation of robust, fast, Hospitality-grade
    Wi-Fi and Ethernet switching.
  • Liaison with, and technical management of any IP-based vendors
    that need robust, secure access to the IP network.
  • We’ll arrange the most appropriate ISP or work with
  • A customised captive portal for guests that can include
    Analytics and Customer Engagement.
  • Web-Based Tools to proactively monitor, manage and provide
  • Our own 24x7x 365 call-centre staff in Sydney, Denver and
    London to assist your guests and hotel staff with any issues around the


    GX2 has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, Denver in the USA, London in the UK, Tauranga in New Zealand and Nadi in Fiji.

To discuss how we may be able to help you please contact us here