“GX2 Knows About Our Wi-Fi Issues Before We Do. Their Support is Exceptional.” Tom Pollard, General Manager at Alta’s Rustler Lodge.

This was the feedback from Tom Pollard during the recent GX2 Service Review meeting. GX2 periodically reviews all the Wi-Fi service calls GX2’s help desk has taken at a property to ensure all issues are being addressed and chronic problems are being identified and resolved.
Alta’s Rustler Lodge is the premiere ski lodge in Alta, Utah and is Rated #1 on Trip Advisor. The Rustler prides itself on “Service Above All” and works to make sure guests feel as if they are returning home when they arrive at the lodge.

Over two years ago, when their Wi-Fi couldn’t keep up with their guest’s demands, Pollard knew they needed to make a change. Pollard was not happy with his existing Wi-Fi provider’s tech support so he began looking for a new partner to upgrade his Wi-Fi network.
“Staying with our previous provider was out of the question. They couldn’t diagnose or solve problems and even had trouble connecting guests’ devices, commented Pollard. “Everything was like pulling teeth.”
“Things have been seamless since the GX2 installation,” said Pollard. “The installation process was great. The crew was fast and knowledgeable. The dashboard has lots of tools to analyze the performance and change the bandwidth for devices. But we don’t really need to make changes because it just works.”

“The monitoring is exceptional and the tech support team is outstanding,” stated Pollard. GX2 has three call centers around the world monitoring the Wi-Fi access points, switches and servers at each property. If there is an issue, GX2 techs are alerted, begin troubleshooting and reach out to the site if necessary to resolve the issue.

“We are super satisfied with GX2,” concluded Pollard. GX2 provides the level of monitoring and guest support Alta’s Rustler Lodge needed to provide the exceptional “Service Above All” experience their guests expected.