GX2 and Cambium Networks have successfully completed the installation of a critical microwave link for the City of Boulder, Colorado. The microwave network connects the city’s Public Safety Building in Downtown Boulder to the Betasso Water Treatment Plant nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The City’s main fiber optic connection has been severed more than once in recent years, and in rugged terrain adding costly and lengthy restoration times. The microwave link designed and installed by GX2, provides reliable and instantaneous restoration of data traffic with zero outage in the failover.

Betasso is the city’s primary water treatment plant and has seen over 50 years of continues operation. Public works projects to upgrade the facility and improve the water treatment process have been ongoing.

The link utilizes FCC licensed spectrum 18Ghz microwave technology to deliver sustained data rates in excess of 500Mbps throughout all weather conditions. GX2 and the City of Boulder chose Cambium Networks due to the high reliability, performance and excellent support. The link is designed for Five 9’s (99.999%) of up time.


GX2 technicians installing the Microwave link.