GX2 have recently completed the upgrade of the Guest wireless network at Ayers Rock (Uluru) Resort, Yulara, NT.

The upgrade involved replacement of all legacy internal and external access points, now delivering 802.11ac wireless standards throughout. 

The WLAN hardware upgrade is also complemented with brand new LAN hardware upgrade throughout, providing one of Australia’s most iconic resorts the ability to provide fast, secure and reliable wireless access to its guests for years to come.

Greg Pillay decommissioning an old Ruckus 7762 to make way for a Ruckus T710 External Access Point.

Outside work conditions were a little warm to say the least!

Shafil Khan and Fernando Ferro seem pretty pleased with the way the switch installs are going.

The GX2 Team preparing for the hardware switchover.

Greg installing Ruckus R710 high density converage access points.