Vijay Patil, Senior Engineer at GX2 with George Halatsis from Woodstock Inn and LeAnn Hait, GX2 Sales Manager.

George Halatsis from Woodstock Inn is a great story…

He met GX2 at Springer Miller’s HUG users group conference last year.

He quickly knew he had found the right partner to help improve their aging Wi-Fi Network. He got approval for budget and in three months installed a new Wi-Fi solution at the historic Woodstock Inn in Vermont.

One year later, he is GX2’s guest speaker at their dinner at the HUG Conference telling an audience of IT managers how we helped him dramatically improve his Wi-Fi guest network.

We are so thankful for customers like George that are looking for a partnership not just a great price on equipment.

George offered advice during his presentation…
”Choose a partner that fits you. Then go for it. If it’s already broken, you can’t make it worse.”