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Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

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The Town Hall, Sydney, Australia

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Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

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The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

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Death Valley, California, USA

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YHA, Sydney, Australia

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Nanuku Resort, Viti Levu, Fiji

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Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, Australia


GX2 designs, installs and supports Guest Wi-Fi networks for the hospitality and student accommodation industries.

We then provide 24/7 guest support from our call centres around the world …

A need to cope with high volume, high speed and sandstone walls.

Guests in hi-tech precinct expect world-class Wi-Fi performance.

How GX2 improved guest Wi-Fi satisfaction from <50% to >95%.

Multiple IP-based systems creates an Internet Of More Things.

Insatiable demand, and the Internet of washing machines.

Upgrading a 5 star hotel eliminates guest complaints about Wi-Fi.


GX2 ‘s customers can access a private management portal where they can:
   •  View ISP link utilisation
   •  Set maximum up/download speeds per device/client
   •  Implement a wide range of billing/payment options and view revenue
y guest or site
   •  View network status down to individual AP’s
   •  See service desk ticket information in real time
   •  Run historical reports
   •  Quickly schedule conference / event Wi-Fi and produce a custom
       invitation with Wi-Fi access details

To access the GX2 Portal, please open another browser window and enter your unique URL
Please contact us for more detailed information of the GX2 Management Portal

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